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2016 / Mai - Back in Space

Finally I am back in techno space after my kid turned 2 years. I am already working on the next album with new sounds, even better quality and great plugins. Cheers Blackysmith

2013 / April

The God Particle - comming soon in Mai 2013

I decided to add one special track to my EP - The god particle - for me a typical modern arrangement and effect box. Let me know on facebook or soundcloud, whether you like it.

You can have a prelisten on soundcloud here ...

2013 / March

Finally my new EP, called - The god particle - is produced and mastered, ready for your ears ...

You can have a prelisten to several on soundcloud or also on facebook ...

The complete EP release is scheduled in a package for End of Mai 2013...

2012 / August

Uranium is available on

2012 / September

Please check out my new track The God Particle on Soundcloud.

2012 / July

After some vacation, I am happy to finally announce my offically registered label Urangas Urangas Records. The mastering of the 2nd release is still ongoing. I am appreciating the good work by DJ-Misjah (Original X-Trax Label Owner) on 24 Mastering a lot !

2012 / Mai

Soon I will be able to announce my new label Urangas Urangas Records officially by registration on the DPMA.

2012 / March

Right now, I am working on the masters of the first tracks to be released on Urangas Records .

2012 / February

After 4 hard years now, I am finally reaching a huge milestone of my music project Urangas . It took several hurdles, but also more interesting stuff like a few websites (e.g. this blackysmith website here) in order to present my own music. I hope you enjoy my official presentation!

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